Biblical Concepts provides real housing solutions for men and women who struggle with disabilities. We have different housing options designed to meet the needs of adults with differing needs and skill levels. Our mission is to provide the highest level of treatment and care to those in need, which means we start with providing a safe home environment. We offer three types of housing; independent, supportive and enhanced care, in order to tailor to an individual’s specific needs the best we can.


Biblical Concepts is designed to meet individuals where they are in life, and give them as little, or as much, help as they need. Whether they are in need of a short-term plan to get back on their feet, or a long-term housing solution, Biblical Concepts is equipped to provide aid as necessary. Our housing programs give those with mental or physical disabilities the opportunity to progress towards independent living. Biblical Concepts can customize a care plan to help fit your specific in-home needs. We provide many services to help individuals live independently. Biblical Concepts provides a safe and comfortable place to live for our residents, and they can expect a furnished room with TV, all utilities, telephone, and food. We have televisions with cable in every room as well as the living room where we have a large screen television. Each house is also built with Wi-Fi internet access. In addition to providing housing, Biblical Concepts works with residents so that they may integrate back into the community, and live a more fulfilling life.


Supportive Housing is a Medicaid subsidized program created to be a bridge for those between hospitalization and independent living. The home is staffed by Certified Mental Health Professionals. Biblical Concepts provides 24-hour staff who are able to assist with residents’ needs at any time. Medication is dispensed per doctors’ orders and meals are prepared three times a day. This program is focused on providing specialized training designed to teach independent living skills in a transitional setting. Because training is developed specifically for each person, the program’s length and areas of focus will vary for each individual.